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Solvent Black 34, CAS NO.32517-36-5,Solvent Black 34 CHINA

  • Product No.: 32517-36-5
  • Color index No.: SOLVENT BLACK 34


Product: Solvent Black 34
Physical and Chemical properties 
Appearance:   Black Powder   
Dyeing Strength%: 98-102       
Moisture%: 2.0 max       
Solubility (MEK 20ºC) g/l: 300 min       
Insolubles (MEK 100g/l 20ºC) %: 1.0 max   
PH Value: 6--8
Typical physical properties    
Apperance   black powder
Solubility in solvents (g/l) Alcohol 50
1-methoxy-2-propanol 100
N-propanol 50
2-ethoxyethanol 200
MEK 300
Ethyl Acetate 30
Toluene 20
Heat stability 150ºC (30min) A
180ºC (10min) A
200ºC (1min) A
Light fastness   7

Package: 25kgs fibre drum with pallet or as per customer advice.
Delivery: shipment will be done in 7-10 days after receiving your TT or LC.
Samples: Free sample is available by FEDEX/DHL/TNT for customer's testing.

Jadechem metal complex solvent dyes are mainly anionic chromium and cobalt complexes of azo dyes. The cation is either a sodium ion or a substituted ammonium ion, normally soluble in alcohols, glycolethers, ketones and esters. They have excellent solubility and miscibility in wide range of organic solvents, good compatibility with various sort of synthetic and natural resins, it also has bright color shade and excellent resistance. It's free of heavy metal in both powder and liquid form.

Recommend application:

Water based wood paint, furniture paint, coatings etc…

Leather dyeing, paint spraying (for natural and artificial leather), etc

Printing ink, ballpoint pen and kinds of stationery ink.

Shoes polish colored.

Coloring of lamp decoration products.

Coating on the surface of plastic products ( vacuum plating etc)

Printing on the surface of aluminum foil. Paper or metal with transparent appearance by hot stamping laser way.




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