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About Us

Wish we are the first choice of our customers. 
Wish we will be a bridge between local network and global networks in dyestuffs and auxiliaries industry.
Our customer is our shareholder, our organisation are responsible for our partners, customers, society and environment.

Jadechem history:
2006  Jadechem Intl co.,ltd started to sell cationic dyes, solvent dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes, disperse dyes and sulphur black 1. 
          Main market is Turkey, Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam, Italy, Denmark, France, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Lithuania, Czech, Greece,  Slovenia,   Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Colombia.etc…
2009  Indigo, sulphur black 1, cationic dyes and auxiliary get good reputaution in Karachi, Lahore and Gujranwala by end users.
2011  Start to sell Acid dyes to Africa, and vat dyes to CHT Switzerland
2012  Invest Hanllycome chemicals co.,ltd. to produce acid dyes, and start USA market with CLASSIC DYESTUFF INC.
2016  Set up Jadechem Ningbo co.,ltd. for exporting some special dyes for customers as OEM, importing raw materials for China dyes manufacturers.
2018  Invest new cationic dyes factory with partner factory, certified supplier of cationic dyes for the world's biggest acrylic yarn manufacturer.
2019  Supply high performance solvent dyes to Korea LG CHEM.

Our advantages:
Stable supply and quality which is matching customers' production requirement;
Years of excellent service to end user clients which save customers' time and energy;
Reasonable price and compensation policy covers whatever customers' lose, in case of quality issure.